Ahupua’a o Nu‘uanu

State Senate District 13 is within the Ahupua’a o Nu‘uanu. This ahupua’a includes: Alewa Heights, Puunui, Liliha, Palama, Iwilei, Kalihi, Nuuanu, Pacific Heights, Lower Tantalus, Pauoa, and Downtown Honolulu.

Looking at our district, from its mountain ridges, waterfalls cascading into the valley, streams flowing toward the ocean, winding through an urbanized shoreline — its topography is imbued with diversity and so are the life experiences of those who live on this land. 

Living together within this ahupua’a, we balance our individual dreams and concerns, with those of our neighbors, with those of the community, and with the land itself.

This interconnectedness comes with opportunities to celebrate our shared joys and it comes with responsibilities to address issues together, even if we do not all experience them the same way. If one of us dumps our garbage into the stream, the neighbors downstream will have a much different experience than the neighbors upstream. Just because we may not see the problem happening downstream from us, it does not mean the problem does not exist.